While working and Trying to balance life outside of the constraints of deadlines, social life, kids, and loved ones we find ourselves strung out too far.

Aside from the normal or typical stress, we may incur some physiological detriments. Mental stress, depression, immune system compromise and the typical over trained syndrome.

Raging inside of us is the ability to accomplish everything all at once, and still manage to have some sort of normalcy in the process. Is that really possible? I’d have to argue with that. We are a very stressed society and it’s showing by the way we are becoming towards each other.

Instead of bringing people up, we tend to bring them down. Words, actions or both. Step back and evaluate what is the real stressor and don’t take things for granted. People will tell you one thing, and turn around and do something another day that will totally be against what they told you. That is a stressor in itself.

Give thanks for Pain, for it will bring you closer to finding your voice that tells you who or what is really out there that can Help or Hinder you. Experience is one thing but getting Hurt at work, Family or Love is totally different. You can decide what or who hurts you or stresses you.

You have a right to be Happy, and it starts with looking inside. Then look outside, there are those special people that keep their distance for a reason, but give it all to help and lift. Maybe you don’t need it, and then again you just might. Hey, what do I know?