Saying goodbye is never easy especially since you are spending 24/7 with each other. I am speaking about my Dog Hugh. Playful, stubborn, energetic, very smart and a great all around friend. My son and I have taken turns putting silly hats on Hugh for different occasions, and he’s also been used as a pillow by others.

He will be sorely missed, I will be returning him to the Shelter due to the acute allergic reaction I have with him. I did not connect the dots and can not take medication to save my own life. So when illnesses come on, they tend to be a little more severe. This time I got checked and yes, it’s Hugh. F’me!

When I found Hugh he was a dog that was nervous, but curious. Our first encounter was interesting. Teaching a dog to fetch within a five-minute span of time is stretching it a bit although he did manage to ignore me 90% of the time. But I won. More like he won me over.

He has seen and experienced things that only dogs can image having been in his position. Being the Gym mascot since Halloween 2010 to present day it’s going to be an uphill battle for me not to wake up next to my tiger-striped dog. Heck, he only licked me once as I recall and he’s licked others more often. He’s not one to lick and tell.

Easy to train, easy to talk to, well….. More like he moaned and groaned most of the time. I had to play the part of Mr. Bad guy to get him to learn moat of the things. He’s taught me things also, some I can’t use as a human, well maybe if I’m drunk and in a tree line.

Hugh, I Love you. I will miss you, and Mateo will be sad also. Do real men cry, yeah… This typing sucks when you’re blurry eyed and can’t see the keyboard. I will try to post some pictures later, when I get to a real computer. Tomorrow just won’t be the same, and neither will I.

God Bless lil man.