Wondering around what to write about, how stale our state of mind can be. Sitting down trying to pen something, but most people have a very difficult time putting things down on paper. Recently I read an article in Psychology Today that was very insightful and redeeming in a way.

Most of us sit to write checks, pay bills, notes in school lunches, memo’s to employees, emails to friends or co-workers. Do we really sit to write our emotions down? Or how about our ups and downs in life. Have someone look at your work via a letter or book and they see you in your Fantasy writing or semi-autobiography.

Do we dare let people in like we like to be let in? Do we keep our distance because we’re afraid of what others think or say about us? Paul Coelho is one of my favorite authors. He wrote this a few weeks back and it hit the nail on the head as you might say.
“What others think about you is NONE of your business”. I do believe that to be a very true statement, because we’re so worried about being accepted that we miss what is in front of us to begin with.


Dream - No Explanation

This is what I believe. That everyone has a voice, not everyone has an ear to listen to that voice. Some by choice elect not to have one or the other. Others by choice chose neither.

I trained many years, hard and long days and nights to be who I am. Started at birth and this is who I am, I sweat, I labor, I swear (not proud of it), I bleed, I cry, I have lost, I have won, I have loved, I manage, I fail, and I succeed. I write and I read.

I fall a lot, only to get back up dust myself off and drive on. This is who I am. I will give my last breath to save another human being, to give my shirt off my back to clothe you if you need it, to give you a hand when you’re down and to build you up as I would like to be built up.

When I am down, I will lift others so that they do not accompany me.

When I am Happy, I want to share it.

When I am down I will be alone, for my misery I share with no one and that’s how it is. The person who shares that with me is as strong as I am, not greater, not weaker. We are equally yoked.

Warriors in life to see each other through no matter what. Pulling for each other, cheering each other, supporting each other and caring and Loving each other.

Write this, write that and just write what is in your heart to yourself or to someone. Does it really matter what you write? Not really, but you must pen what you have inside. That which you wish to convey to someone, anyone whom has that capacity to understand and to listen.

Empathy. Not sympathy.

People will be afraid to write because what others think. Tough shit! Go and write it, to them for them or not for or to anyone. When the reader reads it, they will understand and get it.

Got it?