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Many changes are in the works, both personal and professional. It’s not easy to take steps for change. It is both exhilarating and daunting at the same time.

Change must happen in order for growth to occur in Life as well as in business. Scary, somewhat. What others may find scary I find a challenge, and always willing to put it on the line when it counts.

Since New Years was just 4 months ago it is still fresh enough for me to recall the hours, days, weeks and now months that have left an imprint in time of events leading to such changes.

Strength 2 Endure will be returning stronger than ever, and with that a growth internally is gradually taking place. We must learn to crawl again, stand again, walk again, and finally run / sprint again. Re-learning many things and keeping things closer is what will make a difference.

My kids are all getting bigger, my clients request a better program, and my personal life needs focus since that has been neglected. I have had much time for introspection, painful as it is.

No sweat, I’m an adult and I get beat up like anyone else. I will grow from this and it will make me a better Father, Friend, Coach and Mentor.

As far as my needs personally, well let’s just say that it’s going to take a while for things to even come close to being normal and okay. I hold no aspirations outside of work other than to say that I will one day find “it”. What ever or whom ever that “it” is. Until then, well I’ll nurse my wounds and keep going.

Here goes to “Magister Nosce” and “TEOC”. One and the same, although from different angles. One step at a time and this is step one.
A Change is Gonna Come

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