On Sunday September 11, 2011 marked the 10th Anniversary of the attack on the United States.  Twin Towers were erased from their existence and the Pentagon was hit.  Flight 93 crash landed in PA.  So many countless people that were killed, and even more were affected by the attack of the Terrorists on this day Ten Years Ago.

Do I need to show you more pictures, count more dead, read the names out to you on this blog?  No.  You know so much already, read plenty more, and have watched the week-long tribute and build up to such an Memorial on 9-11-11 in New York.

This post is about a gathering, a Memorial, and Tribute.  Many CrossFit Gyms registered themselves as we did at Bulldog CrossFit to Host the 911 Throw-down.

What did it entail?  Engines at the ready?  Here ya go:

  • 2001 meter row
  • 11  x  bj                               36/24″
  • 11  x  thrusters           125/85 thruster (deaths @ pentagon)
  • 11  x  burpee c2b pull ups
  • 11  x  pc                             175/120  (AA FLight #175 (south tower))
  • 11  x  hspu
  • 11  x  kb swings (a)     2 pood/1.5 pood (73/54lb)
  • 11  x  t2b
  • 11  x  dl                                170/120  (Flight 77 and flight 93)
  • 11  x  pj                                110/75     (number of floors in each tower)
  • 2001 meter row
Four gyms, over 40 people tackled the event head on.  Some as individuals and some as  part of a Team so that they could participate and give something back to the Families of the lost victims on 9/11.  Inspiring to watch, and even more to have had a chance to train for and participate also.
I don’t do this for Fun, I do this as they did this for those left behind.  They are  living daily with the Pain that was inflicted upon them on that Horrible day.
I will not put pictures of that day on here, just to say that God Bless the Families of the Victims.  Keep the Faith, and Hold true to your Belief.

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