Working as a CrossFit Coach is both demanding and rewarding all at once.  Frustrating and exhilarating also.  How do you balance a day with a multiplicity of strengths, knowledge and raw desire?  Simple, you balance yourself daily with a little mantra (if you so want to go there).  What’s my mantra?  Simple -” I Love what I do”.

Recently I attended a most sought after cert that for one reason or another has eluded me for some time.  I had gone for the Club Coach Cert over 5 years ago and with this new Certification, Club coach is no longer recognized.  That’s all fun and games until you look at the details involved.  With the revamping of the USAW Organization in general it is a daunting task to keep up with the news, events and cert’s.  New Coaching staff, Old Coaching staff and so on and on..

The Certification was held at CrossFit Rise in Schaumburg, IL.  Big, and I do mean BIG gym located in an semi-industrial park just west of Woodfield Mall.  Ease of access and location to restaurants, shopping make this a go to place if you ever want to do such a thing to begin with prior to or post WOD.  Look them up, great people.  Jessica, Bryan and Kathy (owners) run this place, and have set this up to be a dream gym to begin with.

We began with a Lecture, straight from Roger Nielsen on what Olympic Lifting (Weightlifting) is all about.  The History, the main players, the athletes, their passion for the sport and so on.  How this boiled down to its modern Lifting patterns and criteria and how it all began.  Interesting History, details rarely spoken of and yet readily available to the masses in any search engine.

Lifting, lifting, lifting.  Spending the entire two days basically honing the skill sets needed to teach the new generation of lifters.  Children as usual are the future of weightlifting in the US of A.  In Europe, the former Soviet Republic and Asia there is a National Support Program that help out and encourage lifting.  This is a National event, just like Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball here in the US.  Can you imagine getting a school made up of only Lifters?   Woohoo!

The test at the end of the Seminar was multiple choice with some brief questions that required written answers.  Heck, if you don’t know your stuff you’ll be hurting.  Can’t make stuff up in this place.  You do earn your spot on this Certification and I was happy to see some Nationally Ranked athletes there with us lifting big and I do mean BIG weights around.  Some PR’s (personal records) being reached also.