Standing from the distance, watching, listening.  I stay quiet to take in all of the movements in the gym.  What everyone is doing, how they interact from the moment they walk in the door they have a presence.

The gym’s environment changes with a single word or action, have you noticed it when you come in and you’re exhausted?  How about a bad day at work? Or a bad relationship?  Yes, you can make a difference in your demeanour when you walk into a public setting, and yes you change it for the better or the worse.  It is up to you.

Walking in, charging with guns blazing complaining that I’m out to get you with a said workout is not only ridiculous, but childish.  If you continue to say “I can’t”, you will believe beyond any doubt that nothing is possible and everything is un-doable.  Do me and the rest of us trying to progress and grow, shut it!

You are sapping energy from those around you that want to grow, learn and achieve.  Negativity requires energy to exist, and it saps and draws from positive energy just the same.  So don’t sink others levels just with your belief in the “I Can’t”.  I refuse to have anyone start an argument with me on “I Can’t do…..”

Not in my house. ” I don’t go to your house and kick my shoes off and put them on the coffee table and then tell you how I can’t take my feet off because…..” If you believe you can’t, I’m not the one to plead with you at all.  I will guide you, motivate you, teach you, lead you.  I WILL NOT BEG YOU OR FORCE YOU to do anything you already decided in NOT doing to begin with.

SO, your mantra on days like that coming into the gym is to say NOTHING other than I will give it my best and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your results. Others will also notice a better environment, not with nervous laughs or smiles because of your presence.  Give it a try, you never know what good is until you try it.

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