Inquisitive.  Insightful.  Curious.  Always learning, always wanting to be more than I am so that I can transfer that knowledge to my Life and clients.  How is it that one can know so much and yet forget the easiest things like keys in your pocket of the jacket you’re wearing?

Stress, I tell ya!  Walking in every morning to see what the day brings all the while knowing something special is going to happen to one or a few members is well worth the time spent bleary eyed getting there.  Stress affects us in different ways, some it may take a subtle effect in the realm of lack of sleep, putting off mobility or self care, and others it changes their persona altogether.

As drastic to some and subtle to others, you must come to term with the terrible effects that is happening to all of us.  Stress effects on the human body, effects of Stress in/on brain.  There are some things that we can do to stave off these awful effects that are brought upon us on a daily basis.

Found this and thought it may help some of you with short attention spans :).

Quiet Your Mind – Zac Brown Band

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