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This by far is NOT my First year participating in raising funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Why another fundraising event for me?  It’s simple really.

I first had the privilege of Fundraising for Trevor Win’E Memorial Fund for a Fallen Soldier.  This is a sentimental favorite of mine for many reasons, most of which are too personal to share.  Other than to say: “It could have been me or it could have been some one you Love”.

The Second, and a Big one is Fight Gone Bad brought to us by the Sportsgrants Organization.  This is an International Fundraiser raising Funds once again for Soldiers, Families, and Support Groups and CrossFit.com.  These are fantastic communities all full of giving people and resources way beyond our imagination when it comes to helping our children, soldiers and families integrate, survive, and thrive in these times.

Third Fundraiser is for Mammogram’s in Action (MIA) is becoming a National Favorite among the CrossFit community.  Raising funds for another Cancer Fighting Organization.  This one is for the Boobs!  Yes, Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment.

Won’t you help the cause?  Watch this Video and Help me, in Movember!