On any given day, either pre- or post-workout I listen to clients describe their injuries, aches, and pains.  These aches/pains/injuries keep them from their top performances, and rightfully so due to them not being able to Rx a particular workout.  Much less perform anything close to the required movement altogether.

Intervention on my part is always asked for, and freely given advice without Dx of course.  I keep forgetting my x-ray vision glasses and MRI attached clips to go with them.  Just about every encounter starts like this – ‘Gio, it hurts after this WOD that I did …..’

Well, not much to go on except now I begin asking the hard questions.  They get into it also, because they are now a part of the solution.  With every answer we (client and I) begin to see the cause of the injury to the extent that I can really get them to work on fixing themselves.

Easy from the outside, difficult when I begin to show them their movement mechanics are the real culprit.  Teaching proper movement mechanics are the key to avoiding, and or fixing some chronic issues.  Most people are amazed to see the extent of degradation mechanically they have gotten, and how bad they are until we have “The Talk”.

I have had the privilege of working on my clients, and getting referrals from other members seeking to be taught better movement mechanics all the while fixing serious issues.  You guys rock, stay healthy, and safe.

Thanks for trusting in me.

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