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It’s been a productive first Quarter of the year of 2012 here in the box.  Many new faces, many veterans and some oldies coming back to the box to get their wod’s in.  Some traveling from afar to get in some serious training, comparing their programs with my programming and being humbled by their appreciation of instruction, and tutoring via email/phone/chat….

It is never easy programming, but it’s a hidden gem I like to polish up when the time comes up so that the clients/members/visitors are experiencing to grow and enrich their lives outside of fitness.  

Loving what I do is what drives me, now that I do it for a living it’s a Blessing.  Support from my kids, and my closest friends are what drives me further on this road.  I will not stop, and there is always a bump or two in the road.  Does not, and will NOT Stop me.


Here is to your growth, and to use my Gift in his name.  Thank you Lord.Image