Most people begin any endeavor with a sense of anxiety, thrill of a challenge, fear which at times most often is self-induced.  This is no different when you look at the amount of people being exposed to CrossFit for the very first time.  They begin this life journey, and it is a journey to learning something great in the realm of your self-imposed fears, and limitations both physical, and mental.  The challenge is always there, and it’s doable from the word go!

Among the situations faced on the gym floor is the anxiety of being the ‘New’ kid in the playground, and trying to fit in.  There is no better group to come across at anytime than a group of people who share the passion of CF for they are the most welcoming and sharing group of people you can meet.  Yes there are exceptions, and some people don’t like being in a group setting as it is.  So to them it’s a non issue if you’re a veteran or newbie.  Getting into a new pattern of gym time, living, and eating is foreign to many.  Making it the most difficult of all is managing time outside of the box to make it into the box.  Hey, Life happens and you can get through it just fine by learning to manage time more efficiently.

As you begin any new journey, you must learn to eat for the day.  Planning your meals to most people is like asking them to ‘Starve’ themselves to see results.  It’s totally foreign to anyone learning that to eat right doesn’t mean cutting down from the Big Gulp to the Large pop size.  Oh the insanity.  Consult with a Nutritionist, in which I’m very Happy to say that I just Love my Nutritionist.  Awesome is what the results would be if you can only make the time to change your lifestyle.  It does start at Home and “It Starts with Food”.

Have a great day, and keep getting stronger.

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