Working with clients for any period of time you begin to see them thinking physically.  What does that look like?  Hesitation, uncertainty, determination, precaution, aggression, sadness, ……etc.  How is it that watching people move for so long you can come to expect an outcome so readily prior to them starting a workout?  Easy, listening to their responses or comments to simple questions, and watching their body language when they enter the box.

It’s refreshing to see someone who’s entered your realm of teaching that just blows you away with the positive energy they give away in their body language, verbal responses, verbal comments that make learning a great experience, and a great desire to be successful.  They exude positive energy, and it’s contagious.  The people around them act just like that person thus making the teaching/learning experience effortless, learning curve small, and above all it is priceless.

The other side of the coin is also visible when they walk in and give off the vibe that says I will not do what is written / required and that’s that. Yes out there are clients that have come in with that attitude where everything is confrontational, and negative.  Without ever trying to have an open mind to learn something new.  A closed mind, and confrontational Egotistical attitude is detrimental to your learning capacity.  Making artificial boundaries due to stress outside of the gym will only make it harder for you to accept your limitations in general, also making the teaching process harder.  Dealing with different personalities day in and day out you start to realize that no matter what type of person you’re dealing with makes little difference if they shut down at the entrance of the facility.

That energy is also absorbed by others and it spreads readily to the group of people if they are willing to accept it.  Those mature enough to separate themselves from that energy once they enter the box are the ones that excel in the box.

Make the decision to have an open mind, and be willing to be uncomfortable, and see it through.  Regardless of what stresses you have coming in they (most of them) can be worked out.  There are pervasive issues that can be overcome with exercise, others require counseling, and medication.  I suggest you take those issues up with Clinical Professionals, not the gym.  For you may be too far out there and may require Medical treatment to help you out.  Seek Help, and don’t let the Ego keep you from being mentally healthy.  Please, not just for yourself but for those around you that do appreciate you being there day in and day out depending on you.

Keep up with your Mental well being.  It goes a Long way in how your interpersonal skills grow and help others in similar situations overcome those bad days.

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