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What a New Year for me!  This is turning out to be a productive, busy, and enlightening experience.  What with Zook, Cupid, Match.com, and all of the other sites in existence.  Just kidding.
I have been asked on many occasions to participate in those websites on a regular basis with the pretext that it’s something I need.  Well, what I need and what I want do clash.  I don’t need to be anywhere near any of those sites.  Too much B.S. for me, thank you very much.

So, focusing mostly on 1) My kids.  2) Work… (these guys are challenging me). 3) See #1.

Attention deficit aside, not me my clients and kids.  See, with programming comes a hazard, and that hazard as it’s commonly known as the Math Brain Fart Syndrome or (MaBFaS) *Just made that up.

Just ask anyone in the Box what numbers they’re going to or are loading up, or even less what they’ve lifted and they all get the “Deer and the Headlight stare”….. Glassy eyed….  Then they begin to blabber, slobber, and just mumble out loud.  Some go searching for their iPhones to use the calculator, which is the ONLY Time they use that app anyway.

Aside from the MaBFaS taking its toll on the population here, it’s a wonder they even function at all aside from counting with their toes.  They challenge me daily, weekly, monthly and of course I respond accordingly, and unblinkingly… (not sure if this is a word)

I get them to go outside of their comfort zone quickly to move efficiently, and above all Safely.  I am always looking for the “Aha” moment when things just click.  Something internally switches on once you (they) see themselves in a different light when the technique they’ve struggled with before now matures into a reflection of what they visualize internally in their minds eye.

Every once in a while the New Crew gets to mingle and ask plenty of questions of the regulars, and I love it when the regulars stop what they are doing and begin to Teach them what they know.  What transpires is what makes me truly Happy.  They look concerned, caring, and thoughtful in the way they present even the smallest of movements, and information to make sure that the New member of their Community is understanding and accepting of said instruction.

This is why I Teach and Coach.  So that one day, you (they) will Coach/Teach also with the care and foresight that comes from really understanding that it’s not about the movement, but about the person you’re trying to grow.