First of many up to date posts.  Sorry for taking so long, it’s been a busy, and I do mean BUSY year so far.

Coming into the year, Groupon was and still is increasing enrollment so that keeps me busy with new clients and future prospects in the realm of CF and Weightlifting.  The regulars (The Crew) accept the newbies and take them into the fold as if they would a family member.  This is just incredible to observe, and participate in.  Getting people to come out of the comfort zone is one thing, and yet I see it every day within the confines of the Box.

The maturing of an athlete is always a concern when it comes to loading and nutrition.  As the skill set improves so does the ability to increase loads, and stress.  Tapering that to the aging athlete has been both a good and bad thing.  While improving fitness the athletes must  be cognizant of their ego, and their true abilities due in part that one will aide in growth while the other will put you out of commission quickly unless you check it.

Speaking of growth, development, nurturing, and all that blah, blah, blah…..

We have added a few trainers to the fold so they are coming around nicely.  The Element’s class is one heck of a starting point that new clients come to learn the basics of the required movements, and theory of BDCF.  Nurturing environment (if you consider getting yelled at from across the room to get your ASS all the way down) while you’re being held to higher standards every single day.

New trainers are getting their feet wet this quarter, and will be assimilated without resistance.  Why?  Resistance is futile! (If you know the reference you know me too well).  CF Kids is coming back along with a New Trainer that is stoked to have this rocking and rolling as much as I do.  She is AWESOME!!!  Can’t wait to sit in on this one.

Stay tuned, for there will be more to come.