During the month or more of September, October, and November 1st there has been a Challenge that many members around the country took up and it was to make better choices, informed choices about their ways of eating, exercising, resting, and generally enjoying life and not living to just get through life.

Working in the environment most call challenging, and hard (fitness) for the majority of the population most in my circle of family, friends, clients all have come to understand that to make gains of any type you must make the allotted amount of sacrifices.  How else will you get from point A to point B without taking the first step?

Well, once said step has been taken where do you go from there?  What will guide you, chart your progress, mark milestones, or just be there for a helping hand?  Journaling as a basic concept is a fundamental part of what we do here in BDCF for it charts the basics of exercise(s), lift pr’s, run times, duration of WOD’s, and other important information like hydration, nutrition, soreness, mobility…. you name it and it’s asked of you to enter it into your journal for future reference.

NO Guess Work!!!  You need to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going is my every day quote to the Bulldogs

Ever wonder what it’s like to come into a situation where speaking with the very people that you’ve never met are nervous, anxious, and yet excited to accomplish the task that is put upon them every single day?  No?  Well, get to our gym (box) Bulldog Bootcamp & CrossFit to see what it’s all about.  We can’t guarantee your hand being held for anything, just gentle motivation, constant instruction, positive re-enforcement, and Loads of Humor.  Sarcasm works, don’t judge.  Quick wits rule, and it’s the rule.

How about the challenge at hand?  Whole Life Challenge that is.  Most Bulldogs took the challenge and ran with it for the duration.  Tomorrow November 1st is the Final day of the Challenge and I do have to say it’s been gratifying seeing the changes that most have come to evolve into.  A lifestyle change is alike getting a new car that runs smooth, doesn’t break down, and is ready to go at the start of the day.  Conserves energy, fueled properly, frequently and man does it Look Good!  The New Smell (well at least by some) is good.

Now that it’s coming to a close, what are you going to do?  I do hope you stay on this path.

Halloween is today, and man the festivities all over town, city, burbs and country are just kicking off for the kids and adults alike.  Just be safe out there please.  Too many Yahoo’s out there that could make a good event Bad very quickly.  Following are some snapshots from today at BDCF.  Hope you like it, and let’s not forget the treat(s)…. Hee hee..

A little humor also.  Enjoy: