I wanted to update very often, yet life has a way of say ‘getting’ in the way to living it.  No, no hardships just lessons learned and bumps to overcome.  Meeting new people, and reconnecting with long lost friends have been well over due.  Making the effort to get back into blogging turns out to be another check box that needs to be checked on the weekly basis.

Many have taken to blogging about their life, gym, food, kids, kitchen.  Me, well I’m all over the place as you can tell and mostly interested in having things make more sense for me and my family, and friends.  Getting my Sundays going again with GCW.  Great is not the word that does it justice, for I’ve met some wonderful people, experienced some incredible things, and have had things fall into place due to me going back.  Thanks GCW.

Upon looking at this blog a few times, there is nothing on it that I would like to remove or edit.  It is useful to so many with so much information on varied topics, mostly on health and wellness.

Humor, and good sarcasm spread around is always a necessity for today’s stresses to being relieved.  Along those lines it is important that you laugh often for your inner balance, and health.

So here is that first 2015 post.  It has been over a year since that last post for Movember 2013 and it was a great year.  Many posts I’ve read on people’s posts about a ‘Man with a ‘stash’ are hilarious.  From – “I can’t take a man serious with a ‘stash” – To – “He makes me weak in the knees with that ‘stash”.  So what ever makes your boat float is where you are at.  So take it in stride, and of course Humor to lead the way.

Looking forward to seeing what 2015 has to offer you, and I on this journey.

G & G