Within the confines of a gym you will or have come upon the loud, not so loud, and just plain old quiet lifters.  Some gregarious individuals showing their testosterone in a friendly duel of how much air I can blow out so everyone can see me lift.  All the while the silent ones are making very good gains in the techniques required to make a broader increase in lifting weights (not the goal).

Improving mechanical issues (skeletal/muscular) by repetitive corrective movements and exercises have gotten off to a good start this week with the emphasis on being in the moment, and using their minds eye to view the moves prior to executing them.  The need to keep athletes healthy is paramount for their success and mental well being.

How many times have you seen a stressed out trainee begin a workout and it’s haphazard due to the external stresses of his day, then get injured.  It’s a vicious cycle for anyone, so let’s help them lift better by correcting any mechanical lifting issues.  Refer them to massage therapists, teach them proper mobility, get yourself some referrals to refer people to.  You may be their coach, so coach them over to someone else with expertise on massage, acupuncture, chiro-, and medical are required.

Have a Great One!