On the topic of discussion today with some members was the use or disuse of their mid-line stability muscles.  Those muscles that help you stabilize your spine, hip, shoulders, and aide in the functions of let’s say ‘living’.

Well, this past Monday we had a little hollow body holds for just a measly 15 seconds.  This is the progression video instructions: Hollow body progressions pt1 and pt2

The real 'Core'

The real ‘Core’

Once you begin this little series of movements you will understand that without total mid-line control you really are a few steps behind in Health.  Why you might ask?

1) Sports Medicine – The Transverse Abdominis

2) Stratton PT – The T.A. in action

3) ExRx – T.A.

I know, it’s a bit redundant to provide you with almost the same thing.  Well, some links break and some work just fine on some browsers.  So, enjoy any of the three and begin your work up to a stronger ‘core’ mid-line.