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Many people you come across in your lifetime will have:

A) Family member or Friend battling / lost to Cancer

B) Battling Cancer themselves

C) Those supporting the Cause to Find a cure

I am writing for both B and C.  You see, around 2 years ago a dear lady came into my gym to inquire about joining the CrossFit workout and to get some variety in her workout routine.  She also seemed different, and had a great haircut (more on that later).  She came in, signed up and went through our immersion program for starters.  She was hooked.

Working with my fair lady is watching a person grow up in terms of mobility, strength, confidence, and perseverance.  With so much growth comes days in which there are some issues that pop up in which I cue into.  More often I have to pull people aside to inquire about their mental, and physical health.  Movement tells so much about a person on a daily basis.  Stress has a bad habit of altering not only attitudes but movement patterns that come up subconsciously.

My Fair Lady’s name is Sandy, Sandra to be exact.  Tenacious, bulldog attitude, caring, funny, and highly competitive.  Watching her progress is inspiring, and I sight her to others to view as an example.  Her movements have become more refined, and have had a great response on her well being.  See, Sandy has battled Cancer herself.  She’s a walking sign that when you fight and Continue to Fight, and WIN you are left with scars.  Some visible, some not so unless you are in tune to body movement.

What I would like for you dear reader to do is not only be inspired by people who are fighting daily and kicking Cancer’s arse, and to also support them any way possible.  Many like Sandy are walking testaments that it is not enough to say good words, but to do good deeds.  They support each other, they support causes, they support and bring up everyone around them to share their love of Life.

Let’s get out there and help Sandy today, and those that are also asking for your support.  Many will not ask, and that is your job today.  Seek not the call for Help, but seek to lend a hand to those that you know need your Help.  Will that call be answered?

I pray and Hope it is.

Sandy Taylor – Fundraising site

San Francisco 39 / 2015