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Upon speaking to people this week on their progress, whether it is in the gym or other professional endeavor some key words stick out.  On the positive side I hear words of affirmation, progress, growth, support, friends, family, community, accomplishment.

Then I get to hear also words that stick out the strongest due to a body posture that precedes them.  They would be (not in order) demeaning, failure, dejected, infantile, impatient, callous, insulting, uncaring, clueless, leaderless, depressing, childish.

Wow, all in four days of speaking to clients, friends, and family.  Where do you stack up when someone were to ask you what you have encountered during the week regardless of your profession.  How often do you find yourself in the Positive-affirmative category or the Failure-based negative category.

It is of no surprise that we come across many people every day in my line of work that have had a good or bad day.  Your words that are expressed with genuine care and concern make the difference to everyone you speak them to.  From the young kids all the way to the elderly.  Everyone deserves to be respected, acknowledged and affirmed.

Think before blurting out a thought (inner voice/thought) to anyone.  Make sure that there is a good understanding of what is being told you prior to you commenting or suggesting of anything that will make the situation either good or worse.

Listening skills are so important.  I wish everyone had to take a class every week to just enter the room, sign in, sit down and learn to be quiet so as to silence themselves and listen.  Listen with your Heart, not your head.

Leaders, true leaders Listen and apply what they truly hear appropriately on a timely matter.  There are those that presume to being Leaders often will be driven impulsively, no plan of action, and lead others in many directions and never really reach their company or employees potential for there really is no clear path or direction of application of said action.  Leaders that listen, plan.  If they plan, they execute. When they execute, employee and company succeed and grow exponentially.  You will end up being a Happy Leader, Employee or an unhappy Leader, Employee.

Where and how you stack up is very important.  Are you a Leader that runs around without a plan, making rash decisions, not really listening, or pretending to listen?  Are you a Leader that will listen, take care of his / her environment and employees thus grow in the process?  No one is exempt from being a Leader or being in a Leadership role.  We do it every day.

Assess your goals daily, and make adjustments accordingly.  Adjust your way of listening to permit yourself to grow, and adjust to the situation so as to not be rigid about change.  Scatter brained attitudes, flippant attitudes, arrogance will buy you no sympathy from anyone and dishearten everyone in your workplace or friends that surround you.

Growth and Change happen either in a positive or negative way.  What Growth path will you feed?  I hope and pray it is on the Positive side.

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