Once it happens it will change the way you look at the world.

Well, it (the description above) is a statement of Fact from many people to me in a varied sort of way to describe their life changing events.  It happens to everyone alive, and to some a positive outcome while for others a not so positive outcome.

Hesitance is something that can be changed to stop procrastination.  Why change today when you can change tomorrow?  Well, for obvious reasons:

  1. Your desire to live a fruitful life can not and will not wait for you
  2. Choices, hard ones need to be made.  Once you make a decision to move in a certain direction, stick with it.  No deviation.
  3. Where you are is where you chose to be.  No one will ever make you do anything you did not want to do in the first place.
  4. Let’s make wise choices for ourselves, so that when those around us look at us they will see a person that does not sit still waiting for life to happen.  This is intuitive to some extent, yet it must be ingrained and trained.
  5. Start small for Great results.  Just like building a sky scraper.  It matters what the base is made of and how deep the foundation.

Let’s make a better day, week, month, year.  Life doesn’t wait for you to be Happy.