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How many men can say that they are proactive when it comes to their Healthcare?  Hmmm, let’s see….1, 2, 3….

Not many, and for good reason.  We know it all, and we know we can self diagnose just about everything under the sun.

Ha!  Well, we are in the same gene pool as Einstein (he had a mustache) so we’re Mathmeticians and we’re just as smart (*sarcasm) as he was.

Well, to let you in a little secret… Men can only dream of having that much gumption to claim that such intelligence was within our reach.

When in reality we are really scratching the surface.  Let’s face it.  I’d rather be eating a burger, playing cards, reading a book, driving around the city to my next adventure.  Pulling my hair at another project that has yet to be completed.

You get the picture.  We will put off seeing a Physician until we get dragged into the ER or get bribed into going to the Doctor by our Family.

Help me get the word out once more about how important it is for Men the seek, and find help.