Woot woot!  Ladies and Gentlemen it is always a pleasure training clients that want to excel.  This month it has been a series of incredible highs on the part of Personal Records for most that have made it a goal to improve their lifting mechanics.

At times being bogged down with a mundane task of learning that it’s ok not to stand all the way up from a lift off from the floor, then pausing can be frustrating when you’re asked to repeat it over and over again.  Can you blame me if I told you that I hold you to a Higher standard that you truly are capable of reaching if you just focus your energy on what is being taught, not on your perception of how you have been doing things all along?

Surprising as it may seem to some, not to others.  Yes, Technique and Safety in movement is always what we strive for.  Grace in movement as Mark K. so poignantly stated.  It is not enough to move, you must show proficiency and Grace.  Smooth is fast, fast is smooth.

This month we are striving on another Team Goal – That of Men’s Health.  It is important that we spread the word to the Males in our lives that mean very much to us that is important that their Health is looked after on a daily basis.  Fitness is not just relegated to the Magazine aisles, or interweb videos.

Along with that, we have garnered more team members to the Movember BDCF Team this week.  Two of which are WOMEN!!  Yes, we don’t expect you to grow a ‘stash.  Really, PLEASE DO NOT GROW ONE!  You are Cute already without it.

This month we are striving to reach another Goal of $1k dollars.  A few dollars more than last years Movember donation drive.

Would you consider joining and / or donating to an individual or the Team in General.

Than you in advance!

Gio  – https://us.movember.com/mospace/2304942