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Once in a while I would sit, ponder and start the typing process on things that at the time seemed funny, pertinent, and useful to others and at times for me.

This writing was on the wall a few years back, the writing on the wall that is.  As I read it early on.  Yet, unlike myself I gritted my teeth to bear what ever came at me for quite some time in the midst of losing contact with important people in my life that had warned me during this phase about the altercations of such decision.

I am loyal, faithful, and stubborn.  I will work for the sake of others growth and prosperity all the while not really taking into account the effect is has taken on my self, psyche, and those I love.  Yes, the ones I Love.

They were in this with me from the get go, yet as they too have expressed concern I reassured them that my decision was based on a handshake, and a man is only as good as his word and handshake.

I live with the old Honor your name, and by all means stand by your handshake and your word.  When it all comes down to it, it comes down to Honor.

On this journey I have seen many come, and go while holding onto their Honor intact.  I am one that will hold my head up high yet a bit bruised and battered.  Those in my immediate circle of trust have seen, and shared a hand, and at times a whiskey (and Guinness) to help ease some of the sting.

I Thank them dearly, and often.  My Life is in the direction of change always, and some of it not of my choosing.  Yet, I stand in the wave not as a ship without a course but as a ship steadily riding it to what God has already given my Heart to do.  For with Him, anything is possible.  With that in my Heart, and all the while guiding me via the assistance of the Mentors in my life I can not wait to see or Live the next stage.

There are no mysteries in Life.  There is only Change, and that my kind friends is where the buck stops.  It stops here, with me for it was my decision to get to this point.  Would I have made a different choice knowing what I know now, and the information back then coming to fruition?

Possibly, yet it was my choice and have no one else to point a finger at to chastise so harshly other than myself.

Handshakes among men with Honor, mean the world.  So, when you are true to your word and your word is everything then the handshake is what defines you for the rest of your life.

Your Word is Honor.

Without Honor, what is there?  There truly is no Loyalty. There will also be no Truth in your word for the rest will see right through your cloak.


Stay frosty people,