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The What:

Some may be aware of the current events of the past week.  Suffice to say, that stage is over.  I am focusing on always keeping my eye firmly focused on my Goal(s).  Small, and Large for me to accomplish.  How this will come about, well it’s going to be bumps, and most recently a Big one.

However the outcome was to be played out, it was played out the way it was meant to be.  I am going to channel that energy into rebuilding myself to serve you much better in the future.

The How, Where, and When:

The uncertainty of things are the way they are, yet I find myself walking back and forth filling out paperwork for so many things all at once that I may just implode with total information over-load.  Can I accomplish what I see in my minds eye?

I’ll have to do some thorough introspection prior to me uniting my knowledge, vision, and energy with anyone or anything that does not see a or have a Vision of the future.  That future will have to be one built on Faith, Honesty, Honor, Loyalty.

Where this will lead to will be a work in progress, for the powers that be have made an eye opening decision to make a midterm goal, now a short term goal.  So, I have to look deep into how a project or projects have to be solidified quicker to make that goal a reality.

When, well that is the elbow grease type of question and answer.  Let me just state for the record that I am going to need lots of Java (espresso) to see this through.  5 Hour energy may be seen here (Donnie).  My outlook is not Rosie, it is stark with shades of Black and Grey.  Rosie is not a color that I would choose to put on a future full of Joy, and the fruits that will follow.  Rosie is more often used to color coat pain, and I chose not to be in a Victim state.

So, that leaves me with the Where.  I am not going to pretend that I am close to having a ‘Where’ as of yet much less a place.  Faulty planning, will end up with Crappy results and most of you have had a go at less than stellar planning, and even worse execution.  My goals are simple, attainable, but I must dedicate much time going through the paces to see My Goal met.

Will this be a cool thing?  It is going to be what I am called to Lead, and Grow.  I will be using my talents, and experience to develop it from the ground up.  I will be in the same corner with Men, and Women of Value, Honor, and God fearing as I am. I must hold to a Higher calling, and standards.

I will continue to search out more education, and teaching opportunities to make this as much of a success as it will be a learning experience for me.  The benefits will be applied to my clients/members/friends for it is with a stout, and focused drive that I will be moving forward.  Not looking backwards, for it will only hinder my progress.

Planning and execution is to be at the forefront.  Nothing half baked, nor half planned.

Thank you from the bottom of my wee bit heart.  Your messages, and notes have made me ever more driven.  The calls and texts have been fantastic, and Gunny Thanks for the Chat.  My taxi driver for the brunch, that turned into a little more.

“Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity.” – Og Mandino