The past seven years have made many people come to appreciate a way of thinking, working, moving, interacting with their lives in ways they honestly did not believe they could.  How often is it that you sit and pen an open letter to those you have touched?

Well, here is my letter to you.

Well, to you my unbelievers turned believers of that ever present doubt that you can’t do this or that for what ever reason I say ‘I believe in you’.

There were times I have people walk in, stare at the place and wonder what type of torture they were going to experience if they stayed.  Sometimes the person would do a 180 and leave without inquiring what I did with the sparse equipment they saw.  Once in a while people would walk in, ask what it was, how it was possible to do what we proposed to teach?

I would always reply that it was up to them if they believed that it could be done.  With a resounding 75% (I pulled it out of the air), they would look at me as if I was crazy (this is 90%-truth).  They said they would never be able to get it, much less do it.

So, I sit here and look back at you.  Yes, the above aforementioned individual that has doubted about what they are capable of.  With a lot of support, and humor you were able to see something so abstract become clearer, and doable.  Then you took off like a toddler learning how to walk, just from a little while ago learning how to stand.

That’s the way it works, and it began with you having trust in me.  Where ever you may find yourself, and how things are turning out just recall the moment(s) we stared down that little bit of doubt in you to see it through.  So you would end up with that big A Ha!

Yes, you will always find that you have a dim light bulb moment, or a Bright light bulb moment.  It all depends on the amount of Belief in yourself you may or may not have that day or moment for that task at hand.  It does not end in the gym, does it?

You have manage to take what you were challenged with, learned, and molded in you to become a better individual.  Your life, career, health, and family have all become richer.

To that, I say Thank you.

It has been a privilege these years to interact, teach, coach, mentor, and be a part of such a quality of rich individuals that have come and gone to the gym.  You are like family to me, and hold you near to my Heart.

The trust that was placed in me by you is never something I took for granted, and the results speak for themselves.  Believe-in-Yourself

To the Future!


Mi A Gi