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boxing_vs_ice_hockey1(Warning – Long)          (*did I mention it was a tad long?)

Just saying! 😉


There is a saying that goes like this – “I went to a Hockey game, and a boxing match broke out”. What is interesting here is the parallels to all of the debates, and venues housing such events.

What is frustrating is that in the old saying, no one really describes the Hockey player(s), or the score. Just that the dynamics changed immediately.

Does it matter what Team or League? No, the point is this – you can not hold any water to your argument AT ALL when you point a finger, cross your words, swing your legs, strike another human being in the name of your ________ (insert team here).

Who gave you that right? No ONE! If you are offended by what someone has said in a public venue and it hurt your feelings, too bad. Especially for you when that someone is not seeing or agreeing with your point of view.

We all have a point of view, it’s a personal introspection that we like to share whether or not people want or have asked you to share it. Yet here we are sharing our inner most feelings with the world and expect every single person out there to agree that what you envision is the only thing that matters.

BS!!! We all make mistakes, some small while some very large ones we’d like to forget. Possibly some have noticed them but chose to not comment on them for they are not affected by your decision or thought process to have made such a mistake. Others have reached out to support you through some errors and bring you up, give you Hope for the future.

Your Team ____________(insert name here) has no leg up on the populous to demand anything. Much less is the populous required to heed your demands, and that is the boiling point to all of the “hockey game to boxing match” going on.

We don’t have to like what others like, or view things like they do. For our sight is not on the Earth, but to Heaven.

My sight / view as many have noticed is a certain way yet it is still my very own. It is neither swayed, nor coerced in any direction. You either like it or you don’t. Do I expect or demand that you agree with me? Hahahahaha! You’re in la-la-land if you think that I do. I treasure your ideas, opinions especially because they are based your belief system. You have one to share if you choose to do so. I may not like what you like, and that’s okay by me.

Whether or not this hits a nerve or not, it’s out there for you to view, read, comment, or ignore. I have done the same, and sometimes I ‘Like’ comments not on their political leanings, but because it hits a nerve and some truth at the matter of which it is stated. Humor highlights what others deemed untouchable or un-imaginable to say in public yet you’re having a Belly Laugh!

We don’t have to see eye to eye, much less agree on 50% of anything. However there must be a discourse where there is respect of one another’s opinion without getting ‘butt’ hurt in the process which was not the intent of words unless of course you have a low sense of confidence to begin with that you are entitled to have only your view validated.

Listen up kids it is time to put on the Big Boy Shorts and Boots for stomping new ground. That new ground is fertile with entitlements, and no one is entitled to your feelings, inner most fears, and demons. Much less your Happiness. It is up to you to put into place a barrier for such BS to just flow right off of you so that you can continue being Happy.

Lord knows that when people see you Happy, and full of Joy there are many who

1) think you’re on drugs

2) think you’re coming down from a high of drugs

3) just plain old crazy!

4) Really want to be with you and look for you to share your true Joy.

Which one would you fall into if the heading were placed on top of your head as you walked out of your House?

A) Joyful soul – (Truly sharing, and experiencing His Love)

B) Just downed my anti-depressant (give me 5min to acclimate)

C) coming down from my High (I’m smiling so I don’t have to kill you)

Guys, take life as it is and make it a Wonderful place full of Hope, and Joy. They belong together which no one has the right to destroy unless you let them. It is in your benefit to Live it Fully!

Mi A Gi